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Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning ServicesLife is short. You shouldn’t spend it in cleaning! Enjoy your time with your family or friends! Draw a picture, write a letter, make a cake and lick the spoon filled with jam, plant a flower or read a book!

Comprehensive Regular Home Cleaning East Ham

 Authentic Cleaners Company is the ideal solution for your domestic cleaning. We have put together a list of regular Domestic Cleaning Services designed to help our customers to clean and maintain their properties and enjoy their home after that. We could provide you with domestic cleaning assistants on a regular weekly and fortnightly basis. Our cleaners are fully trained and experienced workers. They are fast and efficient in what they do and they are fully disciplined to provide domestic cleaning and ironing. The backgrounds of each one of them is carefully verified, we only hire reliable and hard working individuals.

In the Bathrooms we wash and disinfect inside and outside of lavatory and urinals, wash and polish toilet seats, wash and disinfect bathtubs, shower cabin, wash the tiles, polish the mirrors and glasses, clean and wash the sinks inside and outside, polish the chrome, clean the counter tops, move the vanity sets and wipe underneath, clean and wash the floors, wipe the doors and the handle, wipe the light switches and picture frames, empty the bins.

In the Kitchen we clean appliances, counters, cabinets, tables, and chairs, worktops, we wash the dishes, we clean microwaves and ovens inside and outside, we clean the tops, picture frames, window sills, doors and handles, we hover and mop the floors.

In the Bedrooms we clean and polish the furniture like wardrobes and drawers inside and out, we dust all tops and surfaces, we clean and dust the picture frames, lamp shapes, skirting boards, the light switches, we hover and mop the floor if wooden. We will also make the bed and change the linen if required.

In the Entrance areas we dust the tops, remove the finger marks from tables and tops, dust window sills and ledges, wipe doors and dust mini blinds, lamps, furniture, vacuum carpets, we wash the floors, vacuum the furniture including under seats cushions, empty and clean ashtrays and bins.

We could sweep and mop the floor, removing any when possible; we do scrub the floor if required; we hover carpets and rugs.

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Enjoy making your cleaning calendar, choose your individual cleaning package, by deciding on your demands and then letting us know what that is. Call us on 020 3026 2335 now and our Domestic Cleaning Services professionals will help you by presenting you with additional information and assisting you in setting an appointment for a clean and tidy home.